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2018 | 2019 Season Overview

"Gender does not define you as an athlete:

your grit, determination, hard work, and passion for the game do."

(Div I Collegiate Lacrosse Player, Robert Morris University)    ~ Annie Spewak      


All details for the upcoming 2018 Fall | 2019 Summer Season can be found here…

The Program

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse (HoCo) is the highest level of competitive girls lacrosse offered in the Howard County Lacrosse Program (HCLP) - one of the largest and long standing programs in the country.  HoCo believes strongly in the multi-sport athlete and looks to support them as they compete in fall & summer tournaments, spring club leagues and train throughout the year.  As such there is a commitment to being a part of the program and the expectation is that attendance is mandatory for team events, practices, and tournaments in season.​ 

HoCo plays against top level competition (i.e.: Diamonds, Hero's, M&D, Maryland United, Skywalker's, Steps,TLC, Uproar, Yellow Jackets).  ​

HoCo teams are listed by graduation year from High School.

​Annual Tryouts for HoCo Club Teams will be held Late August - Mid September.

It is never too late to join HoCo, supplemental or “rolling tryouts” may be scheduled throughout the year.

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse has been swiftly gaining rapport in the Mid-Atlantic, North & South Easts as one of the leading Not For Profit club programs in the country.

HoCo Girls Lacrosse is looking for the most competitive, athletic, lacrosse-loving girls in Howard County and surrounding areas that want to develop their skills and Lax IQ (game understanding). Specifically, we want fun, motivated, fast, tough, and exciting girls who crave competition; that will work hard with our coaches in a positive hard-working atmosphere designed to challenge the girls to strive for higher levels of accomplishment thru continually honing fundamentals, maximizing individual talents, and encouraging players to expect from their teammates what they expect of themselves promoting team cohesion & dynamics.

The Coaches

Our coaches are an experienced & highly qualified staff comprised of current or former All-Americans, High School Coaches, and Collegiate players. Our coaches remain with their teams the entire year utilizing similar teaching techniques that focusing on advanced individual skill development and ensure continuity. Although Middle School girls (6th-8th graders) will be doing far more advanced concepts within each offense and defense than the Elementary School Girls (3rd-5th graders), the same general formations and concepts will be taught providing continuity and consistency season to season, year to year, and coach to coach in certain situations. That foundation enables a higher level of team success during competition. 

Generally 2 to 3 coaches per team

The Teams

Each youth team is comprised of approximately 20 players organized by age group, ability, position, and strength.

Each High School team is comprised of approximately 24 players organized by age group, ability, position, and strength.

Teams will be formed on a first come first serve basis based on position, strength, speed & ability

The Tournaments

HoCo Teams attend a wide variety of tournaments each year.  In 2018 our teams attended 10 different tournaments along the east coast. Tournaments will vary each year.  

Tournament Fees are separate and not included in membership fee. Average Cost 200 each.

High school teams attend the best college recruiting tournaments on weekends providing maximum exposure to college coaches watching them play.

​Each team will attend approximately 2-3 tournaments in the fall, and 4-5 tournaments in the summer.

Teams will compete in their own divisions.

Teams will be assigned to specific tournaments by January 2019.

Players are expected to attend all tournaments in season  

The Practices

All teams practice in preparation for spring league & tournament play, practices will begin shortly after the new club season tryouts occurring between August - September. Teams will practice on weekday evenings & weekends for approximately 1.5- two hours on HCRP and Howard County Public School Turf & Grass fields. (see seasonal descriptions for more info).

The Offseason

HoCo players are presented with a variety of lacrosse opportunities in order to get stronger and faster as well as fine tune their individual skills throughout the winter offseason.

​All HoCo teams move practices inside local area indoor facilities shifting their focus away from tournament preparation & competition; towards fundamental & positional skills training, core strength & speed conditioning necessary to play lacrosse. (please read opportunities & details outlined in winter description).

​​Our goal through winter is to provide every player as much opportunity as possible (while still adhering to our encouragement of multi-sport players) to workout with their coaches & teammates throughout winter with a stick in their hands, in order to improve individually to better contribute to the overall team dynamic.

​​Winter is the season of the year that you could have the most individual impact to fine tune your skills, get stronger, and faster for the upcoming spring outdoor season.

​​The Commitment

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse is a year round lacrosse club practicing & playing in order to participate in lacrosse events including but not limited to: Fall tournaments, Spring league games, & Summer tournaments at a high level of competition; as such players are discouraged from joining or committing to other year-round club level programs that interfere with their participation on the HoCo during the Spring and Summer seasons.

The only team that may take precedence over HoCo is your school team.

HoCo always anticipates a very high turnout for roster spots for the 2018 | 2019 season. For that reason we seek players who are committed to playing lacrosse for HoCo. It is the expectation that any player trying out for HoCo Club that earns (and accepts) a roster position is committing to the current club season in its entirety [fall, winter, spring, & summer].

​HoCo allows & encourages multiple sport athletes as we believe it is better for our young athletes physical and mental development, increased self-esteem, and prevents player burnout. However , there is also a commitment to being a part of the HoCo Program, and the expectation is that attendance is mandatory for team events, practices, and tournaments in season.​

We also allow our players to play for their town Rec teams as well but HoCo must be the priority if there is a conflict for practices or games. It puts us in a difficult situation when players accept roster spots and then cannot meet the player participation & commitment. Failure to attend practices or games may jeopardize your playing time and your position on the team.

Playing time is at the discretion of the head coach but generally we play to win and the best players will always play the most. If we can play everyone and win comfortably we will do so.

We understand there are commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse in order to attend (family, religious, school events, etc). If you have a legitimate conflict please email our Director in advance of the season. We are flexible and want all great players to be afforded the opportunity to play, however, playing another sport 80% of the time and coming to one HoCo lacrosse event is not acceptable as it is unfair to the coaches and teammates.

Fall Season 2018

Fall season runs from September to 1st week of November.
(some teams may go to Mid November depending on the tournament)

Fall Practices
All teams will have practice 1-2 times a week, with every team having a practice session on Sunday in preparation for tournament play on Sundays beginning September and continuing through to end of October (when tournaments begin). Other practices days will vary.

Fall Tournaments

  • High School Teams will participate in 2-3 competitive tournaments in their own divisions during fall. (2020, 2021, 2022)
  • ​Middle & Elementary School Teams will participate in 1-3 competitive tournaments in their own divisions during fall. (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027)
  • Developmental teams will participate in 1-2 playdays on weekends and 1 competitive tournament during fall. (some tournaments may only offer combination divisions for 2027/2028 this fall).

Practice Locations: Howard County Turf Fields
Frequency: 1 - 2 per week 
Time: 120 minute sessions (Sundays between 9 AM and 6 PM | Weekdays usually between 6 PM and 8 PM)

Winter Season 2018-2019

Winter season begins 1st week of December and ends March 1st.

All HoCo teams move inside shifting our focus from tournament play to fundamental skill, strength, conditioning, and team development.

Our goal through winter is to provide our players with many incredible lacrosse opportunities in order to get stronger, faster and fine tune their skills throughout the winter season. Maintaining the link with coaches and teammates and keeping a stick in their hands as often as possible, in order to improve properly and as a team. 

Winter is the season of the year that you could have the most individual impact to fine tune your skills, get stronger, and faster for the upcoming spring outdoor season. 

​HoCo breaks in December, and January around the holidays.​


Practice Locations: GOALS Baltimore, Soccer Stop, or Soccer Dome
Time: 105 minute sessions (Usually between 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM)

Youth Teams: (3rd - 6th) 2028, 2027, 2026, 2025
Participate in one (1) or two (2) indoor practice(s) a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening until 1st week of January (when indoor leagues begin), then participate in one (1) indoor practice until last week of February. (Beginning of spring)

Middle School Teams: (7th & 8th) 2024, 2023
Participate in one (1) indoor team practice a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.
Players participate in one (1) team training session with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings. 

High School Teams: (9th - 11th) 2022, 2021, 2020
Participate in one (1) indoor team practice a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.
Players participate in one (1) team training session with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings.


These sessions with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning will differ in that they will include Power, Speed & Explosion sessions to advance your athletic development for your spring high school and middle school seasons and will be outside. (If you are free you are expected to attend).  

Location: River Hill HS - Stadium

Time: 10am - 11am (subject to change)

Who: HoCo Team Players 2021, 2022, 2023 Blk, 2023 Pnk

Dates: Jan. 20, 27 Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

Note: We always are a go if scheduled on turf….UNLESS it is nasty outside (rain/sleet/snow) or below 40 degrees we will cancel.​

WINTER INDOOR LEAGUES - ALL TEAMS (Optional | Additional Fee)

All teams will be offered the choice of participating in a indoor lacrosse league for continuity of play with usually one (1) game per week (typically played on Saturday or Sunday).

Youth teams are encouraged to play indoor where the game is played in a smaller area with fewer players which fuels a high-speed / high-scoring competition. The smaller playing environment is ideal for players to experience more read & react opportunities that can foster quicker thinking; push players to recognize as well as create new pathways from which to attack the cage, increase player endurance, and most importantly understand that the ball moves fastest in the air.


Cross Keys Indoor Turf Field 
SESSION I [2028, 2027, 2026] - December 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd; JANUARY 6th, 13th
SESSION II [2025, 2024, 2023] - JANUARY 6th, 13th; FEBRUARY 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th;
Six (6) / 50 Minute Games
8v8 (7v7: 6 Runners, 1 Goalie)

Note: Participation in indoor lacrosse leagues is voluntary and as such is not included in our club fees or schedule. If teams have enough players and decide to participate in an indoor league, any fees/costs associated with that league would only be applied to those players competing and not the entire team.

Spring Season 2019

Spring season runs from March 1st through May 30th.

High School teams (2020, 2021, 2022) Do Not participate in Spring Leagues, and are on break during most of spring beginning March 1st. Teams resume practice two (2) days a week in preparation for summer tournaments immediately AFTER the MPSSAA Spring sports season concludes (Late May/June).

Spring Practices

Youth teams (2023-2028) participate in three (3) practices a week until the season games begin around mid-March (NGLL) & typically April 1st (MYLA). Then (1-2) practices per week during the season. (Practice days and times vary and are chosen by the coach)

Practice Locations: Howard County Turf & Grass Fields
Frequency: 2-3 Week (Until Games Start) 
Practice Days: Mondays - Sundays (Set by Coach)  
Time: 120 minute sessions - Usually between 5:00PM and 9:00PM (Mon-Fri), and 10:00AM and 4:00PM (Sat-Sun)
Who: 2028 - 2023

Spring League Play 
Youth teams will participate in two spring leagues, each with Playoffs and Championships. (Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association, MYLA) & (National Girls Lacrosse League, NGLL)

The MYLA spring league is a travel league with games played throughout the Mid-Maryland region. (Games generally occur either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights and on Saturday).

The NGLL is a Club league, comprised of A and B divisions for each age group, that provides the highest level of competition for players in 4th through 8th grade. (Most HOCO games will occur on Sunday between 8AM and 6PM on HOCO turf fields).

Championships and Semi-Finals are generally held before Memorial Day weekend. (Be sure to be in town and ready!).

HoCo does not participate in practices/tournaments on or around Easter or Memorial Day.
(Both MYLA & NGLL schedule games during Spring Breaks so please be sure to be in town and ready).

Note: The Spring season ends May 30th and jumps right into Summer (our primary season) June 1st. Tournaments are posted and paid for BEFORE October. Be sure to be available and ready! 

Summer Season 2019

Summer season runs from June to late July.
(some teams may end early July depending on the tournament scheduled)

Summer Practices

All teams in preparation for summer tournaments will have (2) two practices a week occurring Monday - Thursday between 5pm and 9pm; and (1) one practice a weekend on Saturday or Sunday between 8am and 4pm until tournament games begin.

​Practice Locations: Howard County Grass & Turf Fields

Time: 90 - 120 minute sessions (Weekdays between 5:00PM and 9:00PM | Weekends between 8AM and 4PM)

Summer Tournaments
All teams will participate in 2-4 USL sanctioned (Championship or Showcase format) recruiting tournaments in their own divisions during summer.
(some tournaments may only offer combination divisions for 2027/2028).

High school teams (2020, 2021, 2022) will attend the best college recruiting tournaments on weekends providing maximum exposure to college coaches watching them play.

Youth teams (2023-2028) will compete against the best teams in USL sanctioned tournaments, providing a platform for earning their way to compete for national titles and recognition.

If you would like to tryout for a HOCO team please email and we will schedule a tryout for you at one of our scheduled team or group workouts.  It is never too late to join HOCO as we offer supplemental or “rolling tryouts”