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About Us

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse is the highest level of competitive girls lacrosse offered in the Howard County Lacrosse Program (HCLP) one of the largest and long standing programs in the country. HCLP is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit entity that works in partnership with Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCRP). Our unique relationship with HCRP provides access to the best facilities in the region and support from the HCRP staff. As a 501(c)(3) entity, HoCo strives to provide a high quality club experience at an extremely reasonable price.

HoCo Girls teams are looking for the most competitive, athletic, lacrosse-loving girls in Howard County and surrounding areas that want to develop their skills and Lax IQ (game understanding).

HoCo Girls teams are selected by open tryouts held during the late summer and early fall.  Participation is not restricted by residency. Teams are generally organized by graduation year subject to age requirements. It is never too late to join HoCo, supplemental or “rolling tryouts” may be scheduled.

HoCo Girls teams play against top level competitive lacrosse clubs at Fall & Summer tournaments, Spring Leagues (youth only), and train year round.

“If you love playing a sport...and it makes you happy...then GO PLAY IT!!! Play it to the BEST of your ability, Play it for as long as you can, and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t”

~ Coach Rho    

Our History

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse began in June of 2014 as a collaboration between Howard County Recreation & Parks, and Malissa Spiropoulos & Michael Rhodovi (two HCLP board members each with a daughter ready for the next level) who were not satisfied with the particular atmosphere, high costs, and limited opportunities to play competitive girls club level lacrosse in/or around Howard County at that time.

Backed with the support of HCRP and the already acclaimed HoCo Boys Club Lacrosse Program; the idea of starting a girls club lacrosse program from scratch and having no prior experience intent to play against established elite clubs was considered to be a nearly impossible challenge (starting a girls club had been tried before).

Being new to the  club scene at that time gave them a fresh & unique perspective that allowed them to think outside of the box and take appropriate risks when making decisions about the direction of the program. They read anything and everything they got their hands on, studied the game on many levels, and asked lots and lots of questions. Coinciding with their “on the fly” education they also surrounded themselves with experienced  knowledgeable advisors, friends, and coaches all as equally passionate about the girls game. Tryouts were held that August yielding 4 teams  for the Girls side of HoCo ready for Fall 2014.