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Parent Roles


Congratulations, you should be proud!
You should be very proud of your daughter as she just earned her position amid her peers on a club team that is one of the most unique, fastest growing lacrosse clubs in the nation. As a member of HoCo Club your daughter has access to some of the best turf & grass fields in MD. This affords us the ability to offer more practices, and competitive games in one location than any other club in the region. Subsequently allowing us to develop players in half the time (and expense) of some other clubs because we have more opportunity to provide continuous 1on1 instruction and consistent reinforcement of fundamentals by coaches, which is often lost as players age up. She is a gifted and athletic young woman and has a very bright future. If she commits to working hard this season with our passionate and knowledgeable coaches -it is only going to get bigger and brighter for her; as lacrosse is a great sport filled with a countless number of opportunities, that she will be wise enough to recognize and strong enough to go after it.

If you can’t be an an athletic supporter! :)     

(Stay positive and supportive!)

We look forward to seeing your players competing in games the same as you. It's just as exciting a time for us as it is for you to watch your girls play on game day and it can be frustrating at times, trust me, we know. However, our coaches are experienced and trained to understand the game having all played and/or coached at High School or collegiate levels. Each coach has a specific plan of development as well as goals within each team that they devote an significant amount of time to. We would like to ask that you are always trusting and supportive of the coaches. If you have an issue with a coach please don’t hesitate to contact our director at any time, however we ask that you never address a coach right after a game or directly in front of the girls.

By being supportive of HoCo and our coaches you are demonstrating that you are trusting of our process, and you're helping the girls develop their love for the game of lacrosse. You are also making it a much more fun & enjoyable environment for them to play and learn in. Although HoCo plays the best players to win in league games and playing time is never guaranteed, we are not a win at all cost club. In fact, it is more important that we are developing the girls skills and overall understanding of lacrosse through in-game situations providing valuable lessons to learn from and setting them up for success on and off the field. Essentially we are empowering the girls to understand that it’s ok to have fun while they put the work in improving their skills, fortifying their confidence and benefiting them in life outside of lacrosse. 

We don’t shout 'Speed up!' or 'Slow down!' as you drive, don’t direct your daughter or talk to your coach from the sideline. :)

When parents scream 'SHOOT!' or 'PASS!' or "Just RUN!" it is distracting and confusing for players. Often times it is just plain wrong and in turn frustrating for coaches. It's VERY hard not to get caught up in it for players...we get that. After or Before the game please feel free to talk with your daughter all you want, but please..NOTHING during the game. Let her learn and enjoy the experience on her own. We would like to ask to never set up on the bench sideline, behind the team, or on the endline if possible; either at home fields or away at tournament. Your players will not only be more relaxed, but so will the coaches. 

I would also encourage you that when you do speak with your daughter about lacrosse that you keep it positive, and more about her effort and attitude and less than about plays or mistakes she made. Nobody wants to constantly be reminded of / or berated about their mistakes. You will burn her out if that is all she hears and she just won't want to play anymore for risk of being scolded in the car ride home. Assists should be encouraged more than goals (after all they are the same point value for a reason),  ground balls pushed more than hits, and the importance of being coachable and a good teammate above anything else.

We want you to be our guest, relax, & enjoy your daughters season. Lax can be loads of fun if you go into every season with the same perspective as choosing a vacation... 
If your daughter/family has chosen to become a member of the HOCO Club Lacrosse family, then trust the Program for her development. Please don’t consistently undermine events, make requests that go against views and direction of the club, or pressure coaches to conform to be like other clubs (as we’re not like other clubs). We have worked hard to find our niche, establish ourselves amid our peers/coaches/colleges, and develop our identity. Remember you came here for a reason that appealed to you, please don’t try and make it like from whence you came. You will have loads more fun & success as well as be a lot happier embracing our HOCO culture than fighting it. 

It’s always about the girls….let the journey be your daughter's. 
Do not overprotect your daughter, as she will never experience life in a cocoon nor will she succeed. Kids learn by testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot do and earning bumps and bruises. Accept that your daughter needs to understand that she has more ability than she recognizes in herself. Your daughter needs to sense and develop her full capability as a player and a person, in order to experience success. This may well be quite difficult and commence with failure.

Thank You!!
We are extremely happy and appreciative that your family selected HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse as her team that will take her to the next level -as we know there are many good lacrosse options available to choose from in the surrounding areas. We understand you are making a sacrifice and taking a lot of time and spending a lot of money in having your daughters play Club Lacrosse. We take this seriously and therefore try to maximize our time with them. The players who commit and attend the most will have the greatest experiences. Thank you for bringing them to every practice and game and taking on these simple roles as a HOCO parent. Please communicate early and often if you have to miss something or be late for academic or personal reasons. We look forward to a fun and very successful season coaching your girls!