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Player Roles & Expectations

Team Rules & Player Expectations

ALL Players are students first and must maintain good academic standing. The importance of maintaining of a strong academic profile can never be emphasized enough.  A strong academic record will be able to open more doors to colleges than you can imagine. Keep up the hard work on the field and in the classroom!

All Players are responsible for their own actions both on and off the field. It is expected that all players conduct themselves appropriately.

All Players must have respect for all those involved in the program (team members, coaches, parents, officials, opponents, etc).  Language, back-talking or fighting will not be tolerated and can result in termination from the team.

All Players should dedicate themselves to improving every day. Working hard, Maintaining a positive attitude, Showing up on time, Encouraging teammates.

All Players Demonstrate respect for coaches, opponents and officials before, during and after contests.

All Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. If a player is consistently absent, their placement on the team will be in jeopardy and subject to dismissal.

All Players must have current membership with US Lacrosse - failure to maintain this membership may result in removal from the roster.

All Players and parents must make sure they are receiving email from their coach, and check their email and the website frequently.

All players on teams in 8th - 12th grades are expected to openly communicate and arrange with their coach an acceptable attendance policy in regard to any practices and events during the season that may conflict with what is best for the team.‚Äč

Players should arrive at the field for tournaments 1 hour before their first scheduled game and 30 minutes before each subsequent game. They should be in full uniform and prepared to warm up at that time. Being on time is the PLAYERS responsibility – not the parents. If this rule is not adhered to, the player will lose playing time for that game.

HOCO Girls Club is a year round lacrosse club practicing & playing in order to participate in lacrosse events including but not limited to: Fall tournaments, Spring league games, & Summer tournaments at a high level of competition; as such playing for another Club that operates year round at the same time is prohibited. 

Player Commitment

HOCO anticipates a very high turnout for roster spots for the 2018 | 2019 season.

We seek players who are committed to playing lacrosse for HOCO. It is the expectation that any player trying out for HOCO Club that earns (and accepts) a roster position is committing to play for the current club season in its entirety [fall, winter, spring, & summer]. 

The HOCO Club Lacrosse Program allows & encourages multiple sport athletes as we believe it is better for our young athletes physical and mental development, increased self-esteem, and prevents player burnout. There is also a commitment to being a part of the HOCO Program, and the expectation is that attendance is mandatory for team events, practices, and tournaments.

We also allow our players to play for their town Rec teams as well but HOCO must be the priority if there is a conflict for practices or games. It puts us in a difficult situation when players accept roster spots and then cannot meet the player participation & commitment. Failure to attend practices or games may jeopardize your playing time and your position on the team. Playing time is at the discretion of the head coach but generally we play to win and the best players will always play the most. If we can play everyone and win comfortably we will do so.

We understand there are commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse in order to attend (family, religious, school events, etc). If you have a legitimate conflict please email our Director, Michael Rhodovi, in advance of the season. We are flexible and want all great players to be afforded the opportunity to play, however, playing another sport 80% of the time and coming to one HOCO lacrosse event is not acceptable as it is unfair to the coaches and teammates.