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1.  What is the HoCo Club Lacrosse Program?

HoCo Girls Club Lacrosse (HoCo) is the highest level of competitive girls lacrosse offered in the Howard County Lacrosse Program (HCLP) - one of the largest and long standing programs in the country.  HoCo believes strongly in the multi-sport athlete and looks to support them as they compete in fall & summer tournaments, spring club leagues and train throughout the year.  As such there is a commitment to being a part of the program and the expectation is that attendance is mandatory for team events, practices, and tournaments in season.​ 

2. What is and is not included in the HoCo Club Fees?

To find out What's In & What Isn't in the HoCo fees Click Here

3.  What happens if my player cannot attend the required team strength & conditioning practice as scheduled in the winter season on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays?

​If someone misses a session with their team, they do not lose that session.  CSC will try their best to reschedule the session even if they do not come in the designated group time. However, parents/players must contact CSC to reschedule.

4.  What is the focus of the strength and conditioning sessions?

​To evaluate to develop as effective of a program as possible for the girls based on age and experience (as each individual athlete has different and specific needs). CSC’s goal will be to address and improve on all of them through the duration & frequency of the off-season training program; focusing greatly on how to perform exercises with proper form, as well as making sure they are enjoying their training time.
CSC Programs prioritize the following:

  • Strength development
  • Speed and Power development
  • Improving efficiency in Change of Direction and Body Control
  • Correcting muscular and postural imbalances
  • Improving Acceleration and learning the mechanics Deceleration (not being able to decelerate properly to stop or change direction is extremely overlooked and a major cause of injury especially with female athletes)
  • Plyometric Training and how to become a more explosive athlete
  • Injury Prevention through the most recent and well documented Mobilization techniques available to date
5.  Am I required to attend all HoCo tryout sessions?

​It is highly recommended that all players interested in making a HoCo team attend all tryout sessions to ensure coaches have ample opportunities to see each player. Missing a tryout session may adversely affect your chances of making a team.

6.  Where do you practice?

​Practices are primarily on Howard County turf fields.  Some practices may be held on grass fields in Howard County, and at local indoor facilities during the winter.

7.  When and where are the fall/summer tournaments?
  • Fall tournaments occur between start of practice and 1st week of November.
  • Summer tournaments occur between early June and end by mid-July.

HoCo plays primarily in local tournaments based in Maryland, but some travel is expected. Teams will compete all around Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic and potentially at various locations up and down the East Coast. For example, last year our teams played in tournaments in Ocean City, Germantown, & Bel Air MD. This year our youth teams will remain in state and our high school and 8th grade teams will play in National Draw (NJ) and Summer Genesis (PA). The higher the level = the father we go.

8.  How much does it cost?

​HoCo is non-profit organization without salaries to a club program owner, and our club fees are typically less than half the cost of other competing club programs. HoCo club fees for the 2018|2019 season are expected to be:

  • All Teams Fees May Be Found HERE
9.  Is attendance at all practices and tournaments mandatory?

​HoCo GIRLS allows & encourages multiple sport athletes as we believe it is better for our players’s physical and mental development, increased self-esteem and prevention of player burnout. Attendance at every HoCo tournament (Not in Season) is not mandatory .  We carry larger rosters to account for some summer family vacations and other commitments. 

​However, it is expected that any player who tries out for the HoCo Girls and makes a team; meet the teams seasonal player participation & commitment levels. Because HoCo is the highest level of competitive lacrosse offered by HCLP, it puts us in a difficult situation when players accept roster spots and then cannot meet that commitment.

Please refer to TEAM RULES & PLAYER EXPECTATIONS for further detail and seasonal player participation & commitment levels

10.  Will there be practice in the fall of 2019?

​Yes.  Coaches will schedule practices to prepare for the fall tournaments.

11.  When and how much do you practice?

Fall Teams may have practice 1-2 times a week. Every player and every team will have a practice session on Sunday morning on HoCo turf fields in preparation for tournament play on Sundays in September to end of October (when tournaments begin). Other practices days will vary. 

Youth Teams: (3rd - 6th) 2028, 2027, 2026, 2025
Participate in one (1) or two (2) indoor practice(s) a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening until 1st week of January (when indoor leagues begin), then participate in one (1) indoor practice until last week of February. (Beginning of spring)

Middle School Teams: (7th & 8th) 2024, 2023
Participate in one (1) indoor team practice a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.
Players participate in one (1) team training session with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings. 

High School Teams: (9th - 11th) 2022, 2021, 2020
Participate in one (1) indoor team practice a week occurring: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.
Players participate in one (1) team training session with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings.

Winter Player Workouts - (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th)

These sessions with Campanaro Strength & Conditioning will differ in that they will include Power, Speed & Explosion sessions to advance your athletic development for your spring high school and middle school seasons and will be outside. (If you are free you are expected to attend).  

Location: Turf @ HCRP or HCPSS Field, TBA

Time: 10am - 12pm (subject to change)

Dates: Jan. 20, 27 Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

Spring practice located around Howard County on turf/grass fields. 
For teams in 3rd-8th grade: three (3) weekly practices before the season games begin and then two (2) practices per week during the season; plus games on Saturdays, Sundays, and during the week depending on league or leagues your team plays in  
For teams in 9th, 10th, & 11th: teams resume practice two (2) times a week in preparation for summer tournament competition immediately AFTER the MPSSAA Spring Sports season concludes.
Summer Teams may have practice 2-3 times a week in summer. Every player and every team will have two (2) practice sessions, with one (1) occurring Mon-Fri (usually after 5:30pm ) & one (1) Sat-Sun (usually between 8am-4pm), on HoCo Grass/Turf fields starting 1st week in June until tournaments begin. Any additional practices days will vary. 

12.  Can I play in the summer but not the spring?

​No. We ask that you play both seasons as we participate in Spring League games. 

13.  Can I play in the spring but not the summer?

​No.  Summer is the primary season for HoCo.

14.  Do I have to live in Howard County to play for HoCo?


15.  Who is coaching my team?

​As we are ever expanding, evaluating and adding to our current roster of coaches with each season, any changes that occur will be identified on our website on the specific teams information page. (Go To Teams)

16.  What should I bring to tryouts?

All players are expected to bring a regulation women’s lacrosse stick, mouth guard, and goggles. 
All goalies (with exception to those trying out for 2026*) are to provide their own equipment.
ALL registered players will receive a reversible numbered tryout pinnie upon check-in at their designated field BEFORE 1st tryout session. 
It is expected that players not swap, forget, or misplace their pinnie as that number is assigned to you for the duration of tryouts. 
For similar reason, players are NOT to bring/wear tryout pinnies from seasons prior. While HoCo Lacrosse apparel differs from their respective high schools  and may be fashionable, please leave it at home. HoCo does not want to project any perceived favoritism or bias towards returning HoCo Girls Lacrosse players.
Don't forget water!

*2028 | 2027 goalie candidates who need to borrow gear - please contact us no later than a week before tryouts are scheduled.

17.  How are teams organized?

​Teams are organized by school grade / graduation year.  However, some tournaments have age limitations that may affect team placement.

18.  How many teams will there be at each age group?

​This year HOCO will have 9 teams for the graduation classes of 2020 through 2028. Being that HOCO does allow players to play up a grade level. If the try-out numbers are very large for a specific age group, a second team may be added. 

19.  How are teams selected? 

Youth Teams are selected through a two day open tryout process in the late summer or early fall.

Players on High School teams retain their positions from the conclusion of their 8th grade season, and are invited back to participate next season. Coaches may open up their teams fall practices (which start in correlation with our youth tryouts) to the public, or to invite interested players to participate in a supplemental evaluation during to fill vacant positions. 

20.  Can players play OBL (Older But Lighter) or play down ?

NO, HOCO does not allow players to play down.

21.  What does the (Black) or (Pink) next to the team's graduation year mean?

If the try-out numbers are very large for a specific age group, and we add a second team, we identify the skill levels as Black or Pink, with Black identifying the Higher Level Team.

22.  Do you have a maximum roster size?​

Yes. Rosters are capped at approximately 20 field players plus 1 or 2 goalies for a maximum of 21 or 22; however, we are looking for an average of 18 players per team. Some HS teams may carry more due to players’ jobs, college visits, etc.

23.  What makes HoCo unique?

​HoCo Club Lacrosse is a non-profit, Howard County sponsored program without a profit driven owner.  HOCO provides high level coaching, organization, and facilities in exchange for very affordable dues, and we have preferred access to the best playing fields in Howard County.  HOCO's signature pink and black uniforms are also quite unique and very much enjoyed in the club lacrosse community!

24.  If a player decides to leave a team before seasons end for whatever reason, can they only pay for what they've participated in?

HoCo is a "pay to play" non-profit club lacrosse team. This means that since there is no profit being made through the collection of player fees.; we rely on the accurate forecasting, budgeting, and recovering our expenses (per player/team). These fees are extended to us in advance by HCLP so that we may register timely for, and participate in, the best tournaments/leagues/events netting our girls maximum exposure to college coaches and recruitment. The entire amount of the player's team fees, regardless of participation, apply to every player that accepts a position on a HoCo team. 

To read our Fees and Refund Policy Click Here.

The team payment schedule does not list payments accounting for expenses occurring in specific seasons within our club year. What this means is that we forecast our total costs per team, then divide into 4 smaller easier amounts payable by certain dates throughout the club season.